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Specialist Coatings Hertfordshire

What are Specialist Coatings?

Specialist coatings may include automotive two pack paints,  cellulose paints, mineral paints and elastomeric paints.

Why & when should you use specialist coatings?

  • Ideally suited for jobs which require a fine finish.
  • Stains, varnishes, oil based paints (primers/undercoats/glosses/eggshell/satinwood, 2K paints, cellulose paints.
  • To achieve a fine finish on smaller areas where ‘overspray’ needs to be avoided.


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Commercial & Domestic

Interior redecoration services include:

  • Consultation regarding products to be used
  • Protecting surfaces, equipment and assets
  • High quality finishes
  • Dust-free preparation
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Wall coverings (including wide vinyl)
  • Tape and jointing
  • Spray finishes





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