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  • Exterior Decorating

Painting and Decorating Essex

Interior decorating when it suits you. Evening and weekend services available for your convenience.

Why use GM Decorating Solutions?

GM Decorating Solutions work in a way that suits you, that is in the evenings, weekends or during normal working hours. At the end of each shift we can clean up our painting and decorating equipment allowing you to use and enjoy your home whilst the redecoration works are completed. For commercial customers this allows works to be undertaken without having to halt normal work activities.

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Commercial & Domestic

Exterior redecoration services include:

  • Consultation regarding products to be used
  • Protecting surfaces, equipment and assets
  • High quality finishes
  • Painting
  • Rendering
  • HVLP spray finishes
  • Mineral paints (stone work)
  • Lime wash
  • Property Maintenance



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