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HVLP Spraying Hertfordshire

What is HVLP?

(High Volume Low Pressure)

An HVLP spraying unit uses high volumes of air supplied by a turbine, but at low pressure to apply paint to surfaces.

Why use HVLP spraying?

  • Ideally suited for jobs which require a fine finish.
  • Stains, varnishes, oil based paints (primers/undercoats/glosses/eggshell/satinwood, 2K paints, cellulose paints.
  • To achieve a fine finish on smaller areas where ‘overspray’ needs to be avoided.


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Exterior redecoration services include:

  • Consultation regarding products to be used
  • Protecting surfaces, equipment and assets
  • High quality finishes
  • Painting
  • Rendering
  • HVLP spray finishes
  • Mineral paints (stone work)
  • Lime wash
  • Property Maintenance



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